2004 !!! – Hello? Is This On? (Louden Up Now) Airbag – El Resplandor (Mondo Cretino) Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) (Funeral) Arcade Fire […]


!!! – Hello? Is This On? (Louden Up Now)
Airbag – El Resplandor (Mondo Cretino)
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) (Funeral)
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) (Funeral)
Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) (Funeral)
Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Funeral)
Babyshambles – Back From The Dead (Shaking And With Drawn)
Bad Religion – Los Angeles is Burning (The Empire Strikes First)
Ben Kweller – On My Way (On My Way)
Blood Brothers – Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck (Crimes)
Cocorosie – Terrible Angels (La Maison de Mon Reve)
Elliott Smith – Last Hour (From a Basement on the Hill)
Els Pets – Soroll (Agost)
Fat Boy Slim – Don’t Let the Man Get You Down (Palookaville)
Fat Boy Slim – Wonderful Night (Palookaville)
Feist – Mushaboom (Let It Die)
Franz Ferdinand – Michael (s/t)
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (s/t)
Giant Sand – NYC Of Time (Is All Over… The Map)
Green Day – American Idiot (American Idiot)
Green Day – Holiday (American Idiot)
Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia (American Idiot)
Hope Of The States – Black Dollar Bills (The Lost Riots)
Incubus – Sick Sad Little World (A Crow Left Of The Murder)
Interpol – Evil (Antics)
Interpol – Slow Hands (Antics)
Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came (Our Endless Numbered Days)
Isis – So Did We (Panopticon)
José González – Heartbeats (Veneer)
Kanye West – Jesus Walks (College Dropout)
Kasabian – Lost Souls Forever (Kasabian)
Keane – Everybody’s Changing (Hopes And Fears)
Kings of Convenience – I’d Rather Dance With You (Riot On An Empty Street)
Kings of Convenience – Misread (Riot On An Empty Street)
Kings Of Convenience – Homesick (Riot On An Empty Street)
Kode9 – Sub-kontinent (Grim2)
La Costa Brava – Adoro a las pijas de mi ciudad (Llamadas Perdidas)
Lali Puna – Faking The Books (Faking The Books)
Lali Puna – Grin And Bear (Faking The Books)
Last Days Of April – Do For Two (If You Lose It)
Le Tigre – I’m so Excited (This Island)
Lori Meyers – Viaje de estudios (Viaje de estudios)
Lori Meyers – Mujer Esponja (Viaje de Estudios)
Los Planetas – Devuélveme la pasta (Contra la ley de la gravedad)
Los Planetas – Nunca me entero de nada (Contra la ley de la gravedad)
Los Planetas – Experimentos con gaseosa (Contra La Ley De La Gravedad)
Madee – Orion’s Belt (Orion’s Belt)
Micah P. Hinson – Don’t You Forget (Part 1 & 2) (Micah P. Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress)
Mission of Burma – What we really Were (OnOffOn)
Modest Mouse – Float On (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)
Modest Mouse – The World At Large (Good News For People Who Love Bad News)
Modest Mouse – Paper Thin Walls (Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again)
Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die (You Are The Quarry)
Nick Cave – There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus)
Page France – Air Pollution (Come, I’m a Lion!)
Pedro The Lion – Bands With Managers (Achilles Heel)
PJ Harvey – Shame (Uh Huh Her)
PJ Harvey – The Desperate Kingdom Of Love (Uh Uh Her)
Radiohead – A Wolf At The Door (Hail To The Thief)
Rilo Kiley – It’s a Hit (More Adventurous)
Ruffus Wainwright – Agnus Dei (Want Two)
Ruffus Wainwright – The Art Teacher (Want Two)
Rufus Wainwright – The One You Love (Want Two)
Social Distortion – Angels Wings (Sex, Love and Rock’n’Roll)
Social Distortion – Winners and Losers (Sex, Love and Rock’n’Roll)
Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Set Yourself On Fire)
Straylight Run – Existentialism In Prom Night (Straylight Run)
Styrofoam – Couches In Alleys (Ft. Ben Gibbard) (Nothing’s Lost)
Superpitcher – People (Here Comes Love)
Swayzak – Another Way (Loops From Bergerie)
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Me And Mia (Shake The Sheets)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Let’s Make History (Armed Love)
The Cure – The End Of The World (s/t)
The Delgados – Everybody Come Down (Universal Audio)
The Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird (Absent Friends)
The Faint – Southern Belles In London Sing (Wet From Birth)
The Go! Team – Huddle Formation (Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
The Go! Team – Junior Kickstar (Thunder Lightning Strike)
The Hives – Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones (Tyrannosaurus Hives)
The Killers – Mr.Brightside (Hot Fuss)
The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now (s/t)
The Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You (i)
The Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Really Love You Anymore (i)
The Mountain Goats – Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into The Water, Triumph Of (We Shall All Be Healed)
The National – All The Wine (Cherry Tree EP)
The National – Wasp Nest (Cherry Tree EP)
The New Year – 18 (The End Is Near)
The New Year – The End’s Not Near (The End Is Near)
The Streets – Dry Your Eyes (A Grant Don’t Come For Free)
The Sunday Drivers – On My Mind (Little Heart Attacks)
The Unfinished Simphathy – Safe And Sound (Rock For Food)
The Unfinished Sympathy – Rock For Food (Rock For Food)
The Unfinished Sympathy – This Living Kills (Rock For Food)
The Unfinished Sympathy – You’ve Got A Long Run (Rock For Food)
The Zutons – Pressure Point (Who Killed… The Zutons?)
These Arms are Snakes – Big News (Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home)
Tokyo Sex Destruction – Break out town (Le Red Soul Communite)
Tom Waits – Hoist That Rag (Real Gone)
Tom Waits – Make It Rain (Real Gone)
Wilco – Handshake Drugs (A ghost Is Born)
Wilco – Spiders (Kidsmoke) (A Ghost Is Born)
Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart (Trivia)
Xiu Xiu – Fabulous Muscles (Trivia)
Xiu Xiu – I Luv The Valley (Trivia)
Youth Group – Shadowland (Skeleton Jar)

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